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Questions & Answers

Why does Lafarge need more land?

Our site is the only significant source of natural sand in the
Niagara Region. We produce concrete sand, asphalt
sand, winter sand, masonry sand, and septic sand. There
products are all used locally and benefit our community.

Approximately 95% of the sand and gravel from Lafarge
Fonthill is used locally. However, the current site is
nearing depletion. We want to continue and strengthen
our 12 year partnership with the community with an
expansion of our operations on the east side of Effingham
Road. Without this extension, products used in Niagara
would be required to travel longer distances which will
increase the cost of building and other services.

Will the expansion mean more trucks on the road?

There will be no change to external hauling routes or
traffic volumes.

Will there be an increase in noise pollution?

We will be using landscaping to minimize mitigate noise.

Won’t the expansion be unsightly and adversely affect the natural landscape and evironment?

Landscaping and planting will mitigate the noise and visual impact. We are proposing to limit the extraction depth to permit rehabilitation of the site for agriculture and to maintain the existing microclimate. We strive to be the very best at land rehabilitation, including the development of a new tender fruit operation on our site. In fact, more than 60 acres of land has been successfully rehabilitated, including 45 acres of sour cherry, plum, and pear

Will the expansion threaten the safety of the local
water supply?

We are ensuring our water resources are protected. Operations will continue to be well above the water table that is the source of local water supply.