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About our Proposal

The existing Lafarge Fontill site is nearing depletion. We want to continue and strengthen our partnership with the community through an expansion on the east side of Effingham Road.

Without this extension, aggregates would be required to travel longer distances and increase the cost of infrastructure and other services.

The total area proposed is 27 ha, approximately 30% of
the existing site.

We are proposing to limit the extraction depth to permit rehabilitation of the site for agriculture and to maintain the existing microclimate.

We are ensuring our water resources are protected. Operations will continue to be well above the water table that is the source of local water supply.’

Landscaping and planting will mitigate the noise and visual

There will be no change to external haul routes. There will be no increase in traffic volumes.

We are filing an application to extend the site with the Town of Pelham, Region of Niagara, and Government of Ontario

The process to apply for site extensions is rigorous and thorough. Our application will be reviewed by agencies entrusted with protecting our environment. You can read all of the documents related to this application here.

We know you will have questions and concerns. The most important part of this application process is the opportunity for you to provide input. We will work with any and all residents during the review process to ensure any concerns are addressed in a timely and collaborative manner. We welcome you to get in touch with us.