Tree Planting Project

Special Tree Planting Project

In May of 2010 and 2011, Lafarge continued our special tree planting project with the local 1st North Pelham Scouts
Canada group. An area just inside the main gates of the Fonthill Pit was chosen and turned into a tree nursery. Topsoil
was dumped and spread over the nursery area and with the help of the Scouts group, with 1,800 Pine and Spruce
seedlings planted in 2010 and 3000 Pine, Spruce and Cedar seedlings planted in 2011.

Throughout the summer Lafarge staff kept the nursery area well watered to encourage the seedling growth. The
objective of this project is to transplant the seedlings in 5 years from the nursery to green-space areas in the town. One
area of interest is the local retirement home that has some green space currently covered by grasses but very few trees.

The local Scouts group has agreed to return to the Fonthill Pit to plant additional seedlings every year. This group has
also agreed to complete the transplant work beginning in 2015 and continuing every year there after..