About Lafarge

About Lafarge

Lafarge is Canada's largest provider of solutions to the construction and development industry. With more than 6000 employees across Canada, our mission is to provide construction solutions that build better cities and communities. The cities where we live, work, and raise our families along with the infrastructure that supports our communities such as roads, bridges, transportation links, water, and waste management benefit from the solutions provided by Lafarge.

Through our Sustainability Ambitions for 2020, Lafarge is committed to providing solutions using sustainable manufacturing practices and improving the environment in and around our operations. At locations across Canada, we have worked to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, restore wetlands for native plants and animals, and identify waste materials that can be recycled and used at our operations.

We have been a proud member of the Pelham community since 2001 and all our employees are Niagara residents.

Our site is the only significant source of natural sand in the Niagara Region. We produce concrete sand, asphalt sand, winter sand, masonry sand, and septic sand. There products are all used locally and benefit our community.

Approximately 95% of the sand and gravel from Lafarge Fonthill is used locally.

We strive to be the very best at land rehabilitation, including the development of a new tender fruit operation on our site. In fact, more than 60 acres of land has been successfully rehabilitated, including 45 acres of sour cherry, plum, and pear orchards. We are proud that our operations at Fonthill have been recognized for its environmentally sustainable operations, property enhancements, land rehabilitation and community developments.